Stephen Puth: New Star Sibling on the Block

The younger Puth brother teams up with his chart-topping sibling to serenade our ears and mend our broken hearts.
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Everyone, gather round. I have news – big news. It has recently been brought to my attention that Charlie Puth has a brother, and, on top of that, the brother, Stephen Puth, is also a singer/songwriter. That’s right, there are two Puth brothers who can sing. Furthermore, Stephen, too, has a voice as smooth as butter. Musical talent most definitely runs in the Puth family. Believe me, dear reader, when I tell you I am very much not ok.

The good news doesn’t stop there. Stephen, who is starting to make a name for himself in the music industry, just released his newest single “Look Away,” and it’s a serious contender for the top spot on my summer playlist. On the track, which details the final moments before a relationship falls apart, we’re treated to strong guitar chords over a heavy yet minimalistic beat. Puth’s creamy voice and catchy melody do their job and lure us in as he sings his way through a broken heart.

The song, which is the third single released by Puth, also marks the first time the two Puth brothers have collaborated on writing a song. “The song means a lot to me, not only because it’s real, but it’s also the first song I’ve ever written with Charlie,” said Puth. “Charlie’s musicality and ability to craft a great song made me a better songwriter and pushed us both to make a meaningful story out of a small moment.” The two brothers set out to write a song about a universal truth that all of their listeners could relate to about going through a breakup. Upon reflection, they both realized that before any break-up, there’s the final fight that ends in silence. That feeling of watching love slip through your fingers is perfectly encapsulated in this heartbreak anthem.

But wait, there’s more! The lord continues to giveth. The younger Puth brother will also be releasing a video for his new track soon. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the video and check out this new soundtrack of my summer below. You won’t be disappointed.

“When we wrote ‘Look Away,’ we came to realize that before any break-up, there is that fight that ends in silence. This song means a lot to me, not only because it’s real, but it is also the first song I’ve ever written with my brother and it pushed us both to make a meaningful story out of a typically small moment in time.”

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