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"Chances" —Backstreet Boys

Subject Matter: "Is it love? Is it fate? Where it leads, who can say?" This song's about realizing, in a world of billions of people, how lucky you are to have met that special someone against all odds. "Chances" is written by Shawn Mendes and Ryan Tedder (be still my heart) and, as such, it's no wonder that the lyrics hit right to the core. 

Feels: Coincidentally or not, "Chances" rocks familiar features to a Shawn Mendes and a Ryan Tedder song. But, put together, the simple guitar and the dramatic beat-heavy chorus made for an invigorating song.

Appropriate Setting: Perhaps this song can be best enjoyed on your morning or evening run. The build-up and hard-hitting chorus are perfect for those interval sprints.

Okay, tell me more: The Backstreet Boys have just announced that 'Chances' is part of a brand new album DNA (out January 25, 2019) and that the album—the tenth for our beloved boy...err man band - will be celebrated with a DNA World Tour in summer/fall 2019! Click here for more details. Attention, this is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill!


Listen here.

"Babies" —KYLE feat. Alessia Cara

Feels: The rhythm of KYLE and Alessia Cara's vocals mesh perfectly with the beat. Simple yet funky, this song is smooth and calming without putting you to sleep. 

Appropriate Setting: Songs like these have been few and far between but, thankfully, more and more artists are opting for that chill vibe. With all the

**** that's been happening, take the time to do precisely that: chill. Lounge on the couch, cook our favorite meal, take your dog for a walk with your earphones in.

Listen here.

"I Am The Grinch" —Tyler, the Creator feat. Fletcher Jones

Subject Matter: Ever wondered what it'd sound like if the Grinch could rap? This song.

Feels: Too soon to play those Christmas tunes? Don't worry, this song isn't one of those songs - save, perhaps, the subtle addition of little bells to an otherwise chill sound.

Appropriate Setting: Having a particularly trying day at work or school? Listen to this grumpy song to match your equally as grumpy mood on your way home. Trust us, you'll feel a little better.

Okay, tell me more: Believe it or not, "I Am The Grinch" is Tyler, The Creator's contribution to Illuminations' The Grinch soundtrack. The ghoulishly loveable Grinch will be voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch and the Dr. Seuss classic is now in cinemas for your viewing (and hearing) pleasure.

Listen here.

"Perfect To Me" —Anne-Marie

Subject Matter: While we're constantly being told what perfection is, it's rare to be asked what we define as 'perfect.' Of course, this isn't to say that our personal definition of perfection hasn't been influenced by external forces, but this song's about the importance of asking yourself that question.

Feels: 'Perfect To Me' rocks that oh so sweet old-school 00's beat/guitar (yes, the noughties are officially considered old-school now), whilst the chorus adds a lovely present-day twist to the mix.

Appropriate Setting: We suggest that you listen to 'Perfect To Me' whilst getting ready. If, like us, you're already at work and have thus missed that shower/dress-up window, you can blast this song as you get ready for dinner or drinks tonight.

Okay, tell me more: Check out Anne-Marie's accompanying music video where a bunch of different people are candidly asked to define what perfection is. Surprisingly, it's not as easy as it sounds. Which begs the question: what does perfect mean to you?

Listen here.

"Who R U?" —Anderson .Paak

Subject Matter: ''Now, who are you?' I don't know-know. 'What do you do?' I don't know-know." Same, Anderson, S-A-M-E. The millennial plight is real.

Feels: Anderson .Paak has been introducing his own unique brand of rap/hip hop to the genre and fans just can't get enough of it. Sporting unexpectedly original (and funky) beats and rhythmic verses, this artist is a must-have for any playlist.

Appropriate Setting: This is the perfect song to blast at the weekend or, for those of us who live life on the edge in the Middle East, Saturday night. It's the type of song that'll get your neighbors to hate you for making their walls tremble. 

Listen here.

"Sue Me" —Sabrina Carpenter

Subject Matter: Yes to unapologetic songs! "Sue Me" is about not having to say sorry for being who you are. 

Feels: Bouncing beats, background singers and Carpenter's clear voice make this song an instant sing-along anthem. 

Appropriate Setting: Hype yourself up with this song as you make your way to your party destination this weekend. You might be having a bad week already, but there's nothing that a good song, a good outfit and good company can't fix.

Okay, tell me more: Sabrina Carpenter's much-awaited album Singular: Act I is finally here! As suggested by its name, the album released today will be complemented with Singular: Act II in 2019.

Listen here.

"Overseas" —Desiigner feat. Lil Pump

Subject Matter: True to their rockstar images, this song is about both rappers' corresponding affinity for the good life. Case in point: "I let a bitch rub my feet / I made a mil in a week."

Feels: "Overseas" combines all the best of Desiigner and Lil Pump, from the simple but catchy looping piano melody to the sub-bass beat.

Appropriate Setting: No doubt this song will be blaring at your party destination tonight. If it isn't, better put it on because this tune is sure to hype everyone up. Trust us.

Listen here.

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