This Week's Most Exciting Musical Releases

Welcome back to edition six of L'Officiel USA's weekly sift through music's newest releases. Ahead, you'll find the perfect tune for every occasion.
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'"The Man Who Has Everything" - Chance the Rapper

Subject Matter: Just in time for the gift-giving season, Chance is asking the question we've all asked ourselves: what in the world to get the man who has everything? His answer? "Love me forever, that's all I ask of you." Aww!

Feels: This song has everything you need to chill - easy beats, catchy brass inputs, and contemplative verses.

Appropriate Setting: Trying to beat the Christmas crowds by doing your shopping this week? Plug in those earbuds and cruise your way down High Street. With this tune on repeat, nothing will stress you out.

Listen here.

"Feeling of Falling" - Kim Petras and Cheat Codes

Subject Matter: No, Kim's not referring to that dream (nightmare?) you had last night. This song's about hating the feeling of falling in love and the vulnerability associated with that.

Feels: Don't be fooled by its name - this song's the definition of upbeat thanks to Kim's insanely catchy melody and Cheat Codes' signature electro-dance mixing.

Appropriate Setting: Forget the excuses and get on that treadmill! It's time to sweat away the trials and tribulations of the past week (and the four day weekend). You can be a couch potato next week.

Okay, tell me more: As if the multi-platinum electro-dance music trio weren't a force in and of themselves, this past year has been full of impressive collaborations for Cheat Codes. While chart-topping 'Only You' featured Little Mix, 'Feeling of Falling' features the whimsical vocals of Kim Petras. The German artist is redefining the pop genre one hit at a time (check out the 4.3M views on 'Heart to Break') and is a veritable role model for trans kids everywhere who dream of one day becoming pop stars.

Listen here.

"Pissed" - Saweetie

"Holdin' On To You" - Dolly Parton featuring Elle King

Subject Matter: Okay, this song obviously wasn't written yesterday - nor in the past 35 years, in fact. However, everything that queen Dolly touches turns to gold and the re-produced/released version of 'Holdin' on to You' is no different. This song's about sticking it out even though you know very well that you shouldn't.

Feels: Dolly and Elle's sassy vocals, paired with the in-your-face guitar and drums, makes for a toe-tapping and head-bopping tune.

Appropriate Setting: Remember that scene in Bring It On when Kirsten Dunst finally lets loose, blasts her music and dances alone around her room? This song's good for that, too.

Okay, tell me more: We're delighted to announce that Dolly Parton's vocals will be the soundtrack to the upcoming film Dumplin': a tale of teen beauty queens who take a stand against pageants in a small Texas town. Love it!

Listen here.

'I'm a Fool' - WABLE

Subject Matter: Ever had that should-shrugging feeling, like, welp "there's nothing left to do, if I'm just a fool then I'm a fool"? The WABLE duo sure has!

Feels: 'I'm a Fool' is suave to the max! WABLE's unique jazzy pop sound is sure to make a splash in the K-Pop world.

Appropriate Setting: Every edition should sport at least one song that is perfect for our commute home from work or school on this blessed Friday night. This is it.

Listen here.

"Raging on a Sunday" - Bohnes

Subject Matter: This song's all about letting loose because, heck, it's finally the weekend and because you only have one life to live, am I right? 

Feels: Bohnes' tunes are the embodiment of angst and empowerment. Rocking his trademark punk-meets-R&B vibe and vocals, 'Raging on a Sunday' is no different.

Appropriate Setting: You heard the man - throw a rager! And make sure 'Raging on a Sunday' is the first tune on your party playlist.

Okay, tell me more: Bohnes (A.K.A Alexander DeLeon) has an impressive CV. From being lead singer of the band The Cab to writing Panic! At The Disco's hit song 'Victorious,' the singer/songwriter is also Creative director of luxury apparel brand Boda Skins. To complement his successful launch into a solo career, not only has DeLeon released a brand new album 206: ACT II, we're happy to announce that he is now officially engaged to girlfriend (and Victoria Secret Angel) Josephine Skriver.

Listen here.

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