24 Carat Liquid Gold

24 Carat Gin is a magical drink that combines an exquisite dry gin with the delightful touch of real 24-carat liquid gold.
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A drink that is infused with real gold that retails for £1200 a bottle.

The luxurious distilling and distribution company 'Liquid Gold Alcohol' brings to the market a premium and exclusive product for the most discerning clients with the finest palate. 24 Carat Gin is a magical drink that combines an exquisite dry gin with the delightful touch of real 24-carat liquid gold.

24 Carat Gin has no intention of being just another beverage on sale; the purpose is to develop a complete sensory experience around the product, as well as to elevate it to the status of an opulent and exclusive lifestyle standard.

Some things cannot be bought with money. Love, passion or elegance are vital factors that motivate the lives of our consumers, and that is exactly what we want to deliver to them as a dilution of our gin. For sure, if you pay attention, among the pure liquid gold suspended in the bottle, you can notice reflections of the love and commitment that all our team puts in achieving a luxury experience that cannot be found in any other product.

We want to unleash a social phenomenon on the Internet, that everyone with a desire for elegance, success or reputation wants to be part of the select club of consumers of 24 Carat Gin.

"Our goal is clear: to revolutionise the luxury beverage market. We are not putting a golden drink on sale. We are going to offer a complete golden experience."

When you first unwrap a bottle of 24 Carat Gin, you can smell and feel the passion and devotion with which it has been carefully designed and manufactured. To polish every bottle we deliver to our customers, we need more than 120 hours of work and refinement.

This laborious process is carried out in a secret location in the United Kingdom, giving it our most refined British touch, accompanied by the supreme quality that is the fruit of the exquisite precision and exotic artistic inspiration with which our entire crew works. 

24 Carat Gin has in its aromas a balanced mix of cardamom, anise seed, sarsaparilla, juniper, coriander, French lavender and two different kinds of orange peel. Once we have achieved the perfect combination in our workshop, they are positioned in nylon sacks and suspended in a pure, neutral grain spirit and stay in our tanks for 18 quiet hours in a maceration process under supervision.

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