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Secret Room - the exclusive Dubai nightclub where your luxury car can (almost) join you on the dancefloor
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Forget about VIP valet or rolling out the red carpet for a grand entrance, arrive at Secret Room in the most talked about way by driving your supercar straight into the middle of the new nightclub. For the first time outside of Moscow, Secret Room has launched at FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai - the only venue opening its doors to Dubai's super-elite and their and luxury cars.

Strategically located out of sight and underground at the Palm Jumeirah's luxury property, access is only granted via unique finger print identification, an essential feature crucial to the brand and to gain your privileged access. Carefully selected clients will have their fingerprint registered, giving them the ability to instantly access the venue with a simple scan on the days Secret Room operates.

With Hip Hop and R&B being the sole foundation of the club, resident DJ and guest DJ’s will get to explore all aspects of these genres but will also delve into other soundscapes including Trap, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Afro beat, House & EDM.

And in a city where luxury and global firsts are commonplace, even the most spoiled clubbers should prepare to retrieve their jaws from the floor when they check out the space for the first time. Decorated in 18th century style including a hand painted mural, antique candelabrum and elaborate crown mouldings throughout, an avant-garde carbon rose gold bar serves as an unforgettable juxtaposed centre piece, designed by internationally recognised architect, Paolo Ferrari. Paired with ultra-modern sofas and transparent tables, the interior is unlike anything else seen in the city.

Oh, and lets not forget one very important fact. You can park your supercar in the club with you. Which beats queueing for a taxi any night of the week.


Secret Room hosts three weekly parties on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays from 11am-3am. For reservations contact: +971 58 869 8996

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