See Inez and Vinoodh's Favorite Image From Their True Botanicals Campaign

The photography duo loved helping the skincare brand make a stunning first impression, but this black-and-white photo communicates their vision best
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Inez and Vinoodh have accumulated an impressive portfolio of magazine covers, music videos, and artful ad campaigns over the past three decades, but one of their dream jobs came up only recently. The photography duo's visual commentary on beauty for True Botanicals's first campaign turns out to have been one of their favorite projects of all time, and they even are partial to a particular image.

The campaign as a whole, entitled "Love Life," creates a new vision on natural beauty with images intended to inspire possibility, being present, and embracing the wild within. Inez and Vinoodh artfully posed models alongside nature scenery and motifs for over 80 images, but their favorite is an intimate reflection on aromatherapy. In the photo, Angok Mayen encounters a peony in full bloom, and the duo's choice to depart from the campaign's majestic scenery for a more straightforward image allows the natural allure of both the Sudanese model and her floral encounter to shine.

The image helps to set the tone for True Botanicals's mission of pure yet effective skincare, acting as a reminder of the natural sources which inspire the world of beauty. Being part of a favorite photo of Inez and Vinoodh's is sure to boost Mayen's budding career as well, not to mention her daughter, Anyieth, was also photographed for the campaign. 

Let this stunning photo be a reminder to stop and smell the roses (or peonies).

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