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American Horror Story Returns With Brighter Colors Than Ever

The new season will take place in 1984.
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Presented as an homage to classic slasher movies of the '80s, the new season of American Horror Story will take place in an era central to the genre of horror films. Titled AHS: 1984, co-creator and showrunner, Ryan Murphy, announced the kicking off of season 9 of the popular series, which is set to return in fall 2019. Emma Roberts, a staple of the horror series is among the cast that will return for the next season, although hopeful fans are anxiously awaiting confirmation that another favorite, Sarah Paulson will be joining Roberts for the new series. Although it has been rumored that Evan Peters may also star in the new series, it has yet to be confirmed. However, Olympic athlete Gus Kenworthy will be among the star-studded cast of season 9.

In the teaser for the new season, a young girl can be seen being chased through the woods by a masked man wearing combat boots and wielding a very sharp kitchen knife. Set to the soundtrack of Billie Eilish’s “Six Feet Under,” the palpable creepiness of Eilish’s lyrics and eerie crooning creates an air of suspense that is sure to intrigue fans and new watchers alike.  Following suit of the ever-popular '80s suspense film, along with more recent favorites such as Stranger Things and vintage murder mysteries like Twin Peaks, AHS is sure to be just as spooky and visually stimulating as its previous seasons, particularly when you consider the potential for leg warmers and perms.

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