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Interview with cool girl and Riverdale star Lili Reinhart

L'Officiel covergirl Lili Reinhart broke through in the successful Netflix series 'Riverdale' last year, and has since been thrust into the limelight. Meanwhile, the actress has emerged as a role model for young people with depression and anxiety, advocating openness and drawing from her own experiences.
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Cashmere sweater, muslin skirt, metal belt with glass and stras, woolen cap, CHANEL.

Where are you from?
"From Cleveland, Ohio. I had a nice childhood, grew up as the middle of three sisters and my parents are still together. I have always loved performing arts: started acting very young. In my early puberty, I decided that I wanted to do something with it. My parents encouraged me with musical, theater and dance lessons. I also did other things, such as basketball and football, but I did not bake anything. "

Riverdale means your big breakthrough. Did you have a lot of auditions before you got the role of Betty Cooper?
"Oh yes, hundreds of auditions, between my 14th and my eighteenth. In Ohio there were not really many castings, so together with my mother she filmed many audit tapes that I sent to several casting directors. Nowadays I live in LA and I personally go to auditions. '

Then you have often been rejected in the past! Can you handle this well?
"I have learned not to bet on one horse when it comes to auditions. I believe that everything happens for a reason: if a door closes somewhere, another door opens and new perspectives and opportunities emerge. '

By Riverdale you have become known in one fell swoop. How did that change your life?
'So much has happened in a relatively short period! My life has changed drastically compared to Riverdale before; I am now a professional actress with a job on which I can count financially. A fine starting position, because that is what every actor wants. That people recognize me on the street, I still have to get used to that. Although I do not think anyone can ever get used to the fact that strangers know who he is. I still find it strange when people want to take a picture with me and it is a crazier idea that the work I do is seen by millions of people. Unbelievable. I'm not only very happy that I got this role, but also that the series has become so successful. You never know that beforehand. "

On the photo: lace top of cotton and silk, ZIMMERMANN. Silk corset, DANIELLE GUIZIO.

I read that you suffer from anxiety attacks. Then a life in the spotlight is not obvious. Fame also brings a certain pressure with it.
"Right. I am someone who easily gets stressed and I have experience with anxiety attacks, depression and collapse. Sometimes it is difficult to be known. Everyone looks at you and therefore you get the feeling that you can not have an off day . Even on bad days, when I am having trouble with myself or when unpleasant things happen in my personal life, I still have to do interviews and photo shoots. That feeling that you have to be constantly "on" and must be the best version of yourself is very tiring. It is also not realistic: I am only a human being. '

"Unconsciously we get the message that we are only beautiful if we look like that small group of models who are tall, slender and white, with straight hair"

The theme of depression among young people is a topical subject. You speak openly about your own experiences. Is that sometimes difficult?
'Of course I have thought whether I'm ready to share my story with the world, but this topic is too important to be silent.' Does it make you stronger by talking about it? 'Yes absolutely. It is important to face your own feelings and to express them: that helps with the healing process. There are people who do not recognize their own depression. But as long as they do not face the problem, they do not go any further. You know, you can not lie to yourself. You can not fake happiness. I believe it is incredibly important that people dare to take a step back to work on themselves. People who dare to indicate their limits and dare to say "No, not for now" are strong people. "

What has helped you through it?
'I am fortunate to have a close relationship with my family and to talk to my mother about it. I told her about my fears and depressions and she advised me to go to a professional with my problems. That's how I ended up with a therapist who helped me a lot. Really enormous. Through him I understand my depression better and I know where it comes from. What also helps is that I practice a course that encourages me to channel my emotions. When I am vulnerable, angry or sad in real life, acting is a good outlet for these emotions. On the stage, for example, I can burst into tears and then feel relieved in real life. "

On the photo: Woven tweed jacket, CHANEL. Top of cotton and spandex, ARE YOU AM I. Jeans, TATMAN.

A while ago you spoke about body-conscious issues in response to a fiercely photographed photo of yourself. What made you so angry?
'Nowadays you are only confronted with images and photographs of beautiful men and women who all have the same body type. If that image is the only thing that the media presents, it is difficult to realize that it is also okay if you do not have the desired body type. Unconsciously we get the message that we are only beautiful if we look like this. But there are a thousand different body types. Beauty is not just that small group of models that are tall, slender and white, with straight hair. Fortunately, I notice that people are more and more intrigued by unique styles, faces and body shapes. '

You have almost eight million followers on Instagram. Do you think twice before you post something?
"Ha ha ha, yes! With every tweet I make sure that I do not accidentally bump anyone in the head. Even if that is impossible, because there is always someone who feels hurt or offended for whatever reason. You can not avoid that. But all right, I can not plea everyone, so I try to stay authentic and not censor myself too much. People are simply quickly insulted. It looks like they love it. "

How did you find the shoot?
'Super! Damon Baker is a great photographer and very nice. I followed him on Instagram for a while and wanted to work with him for some time. On the set we played music from the eighties and nineties and there was a nice atmosphere. How wonderful is it to wear beautiful clothing all day long. I mean, how many times are you going to be dressed in Chanel? "

On the photo: Wool jacket, BOTTEGA VENETA. Gold plated brass necklace, FALLON. Earrings of antique gilded brass, LUV AJ.

How do you describe your style? What's in your closet?
'Very honest, I am still discovering my style. But I do have a clear preference for a vintage vibe ; I love female forms, a classic cut and delicate, romantic materials such as lace and silk. On the other hand, I also love a good leather jacket with a pair of sturdy boots underneath. Actress Emma Roberts always looks great. She is my fashion icon. "

Finally, have you ever been to Amsterdam?
"No, but it is high on my bucket list. Actually, I have not been traveling very long, just since Riverdale. I have been to Mexico twice in my life and last month I visited Europe for the first time ... But I want to see all of Amsterdam! '



On the photo: Blouse of silk and satin mix, DRESSHIRT. Wool jacket with velvet belt, VICTORIA HAYES.

Credits :

Photography: Damon Baker
Styling: Amarsana Gendunova
Her Kristin Heitkotter for Laced Hair Extensions, T3 Tools and Oribe (TMG LA).
Make-up Adam Breuchaud for Chanel (TMG LA).
Manicure Stephanie Stone.
Joseph Wilson production.
Digital operator Merlin Viethen.
Assistant photography Gregory Graham Dalton.

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