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Louis Vuitton to hold an incredible fashion show in Los Angeles

Until September 15, 2019, Louis Vuitton settles in the heart of Los Angeles, in Beverly Hills, for an incredible exhibition. Dubbed "Louis Vuitton X", the event will offer an artistic journey centered on the 160 years of creative exchanges and collaborations of the French company.
© Louis Vuitton

Heading for the West Coast of the United States? Throughout the summer of 2019, Louis Vuitton is in Los Angeles, presenting "Louis Vuitton X", one of the most fabulous exhibitions of the year.

During the summer, more than 180 pieces from the French company's archives and scenography will be on display. Combining art and fashion, the event will also be an opportunity to discover the Artycapucines collection, the iconic handbags reinterpreted by six contemporary artists including Sam Falls, UrsFischer, Nicholas Hlobo, Alex Israel, Tschabalala Self and Jonas Wood. Finally, the exhibition will feature a unique collection of special orders and iconic bags reworked by renowned artists and designers.

Not to be missed if you are visiting the United States this summer!

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