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Meghan Markle's house in Los Angeles is for sale

Looking for a property? We have found some pictures of Meghan Markle's old villa that will have you wishing you could move to LA...
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Before becoming Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle lived a celebrity life in Hollywood. The actress lived in Los Angeles with her ex-husband, producer and director Trevor Engelson, and their house has just been put up for sale.

For $1.8 million, you will be able to live in the same space occupied by Meghan between 2011 and 2013, before she moved to Frogmore Cottage with Prince Harry.

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The property is equipped with charming details including a large garden with typical Los Angeles palm trees.

Inside, the rooms with parquet flooring and white walls are elegant and modern. The outdoor dining room overlooking the vast garden is one of the highlights of the villa. Marble is very present, from the kitchen to the bathrooms. The spaces are bathed in sunlight thanks to the large windows that let in the magnificent Californian sun.

Located on Highland Avenue, the address of choice for Los Angeles residents, the house is close to busy neighbourhoods such as La Brea, Melrose, Fairfax and Hollywood. The villa overlooks in a style located at the opposite end of Meghan's new royal life, far from the glitter of L.A. Discover it below in pictures:


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