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Naomi Campbell Reflects on Her Early Career

In a video on her new YouTube channel, the supermodel discusses her spontaneous and determined journey to international success.
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Naomi Campbell is undeniably a legend, but her path to becoming an international supermodel was anything but strategic. In fact, she initially wanted to be a dancer, and her subsequent journey into fashion was full of wonder, spontaneity, and learning on the spot. In the second episode of "Being Naomi" on her new YouTube channel, the style icon got candid about her childhood, discovery, and early work, allowing viewers to see the determined young girl who started it all.

The video features clips of Campbell's '90s golden days, but it also has more rare imagery from before she was famous. As the supermodel narrates, viewers can see little Naomi performing in music videos for Bob Marley and Boy George, wearing the school uniform in which she got discovered at Covent Garden, and sassily saying her name was Snow White when a fellow child refused to let her audition for Cinderella.



Of course, the icon also shares plenty about her first encounters with the world of high fashion. She recalls an era when models had to dress up before seeing Yves Saint Laurent, and remembers arriving in New York knowing nothing about it but what she saw in The Warriors. It's a reminder that although Campbell is a huge supermodel who has impressively maintained her success for three decades, she initially came from a modest childhood with a hardworking single mom, which helped her never to take the glamorous magic for granted.

'90s nostalgia has been all over for the past couple of years, so now is the perfect moment to remember the start of one of its greatest success stories. Campbell has never forgotten her former self, a little girl who loved to perform, and the new YouTube channel was an opportunity to let fans deeper into her heartwarming past.

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