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The World of Authentic Italian Style At The Mall Luxury Outlets
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Welcome to the world of authentic Italian style and experiences at The Mall Luxury Outlets. Enjoy a unique and exclusive luxury shopping experience in Italy's most stunning locations: Sanremo by the Ligurian Sea, just a few steps from the charming Cote d’Azur, and Florence in Tuscany. No matter your destination of choice, The Mall Luxury Outlets are a true slice of Italian luxury that only offer the most prestigious and luxury brands.

Shop at the boutiques of the world's most coveted fashion brands at The Mall Luxury Outlets. Encounter authentic local experiences in idyllic locations. Whether you are sailing the French Riviera, taking a sky-high helicopter ride, seeking a thrilling Ferrari adventure or wanting to learn the best gourmet cooking secrets - The Mall Sanremo and The Mall Firenze are on-hand to welcome you.

The Mall Luxury Outlets also provides dedicated services such as; complimentary, no reservations-required personal shopping assistance, to uncomplicated tax refunds for all non-European Union travellers.

The Mall Firenze

With over forty high-end fashion retail boutiques, The Mall Firenze stands shoulder to shoulder to one of the most celebrated landscapes in Italy. Just a half-hour drive from Florence, why not enjoy luxury shopping and discover a dash of local colour through unique experiences?

By pairing shopping with a complementing experience it sure makes your trip to The Mall Firenze an unforgettable one.


Arrive in Style

Make reservations for a thrilling Ferrari, Alfa Romeo Duetto or classic Vespa ride to The Mall Firenze. Tour the charming Chianti countryside, taste authentic Tuscan cuisine and finish off your unforgettable day with luxury shopping at The Mall Firenze.

Luxury Fashion & Style

Experience Italian fashion and style like no other at The Mall Firenze! Either opt for a unique talk on the Foto Locchi Archives that delves into the origins of true Italian fashion whose roots dated back to Florence in the 50s era.

Or indulge in an exclusive personal image consultant experience where experienced passionate professionals will guide you through colours, style and fabrics tailored to suit your skin tone, personality and overall shape.



Sense of Taste Experiences

Take your food for thought to the next level at The Mall Firenze ToscaNino Academy. Learn about the fine ingredients and art of gourmet Italian favourites, such as; Italian pastry, chocolate, coffee, handmade pasta, olive oil and traditional pasta sauces.

Travel to The Mall Firenze

One of the many luxury perks of The Mall Firenze? Their safe, sanitized stylish dedicated round-trip bus service takes you directly to The Mall Firenze from central Florence.

The Mall Sanremo

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Just an hour's drive from the French Riviera, The Mall Sanremo has an impressive collection of apparel boutiques of today's most distinguished fashion labels. Situated near the glamorous Principality of Monte Carlo, the beaches of Nice and the celebrated city where the Cannes Film Festival calls home, The Mall Sanremo presents luxury shopping and much more!

Discover a range of first-class experiences that will give you a taste of authentic Italian luxury - by pairing shopping with a complementing experience it sure makes your trip to The Mall Sanremo an unforgettable one.

Luxury Ride Experiences

Why not make reservations for a thrilling Ferrari ride experience from/to The Mall Sanremo riding along the Riviera Dei Fiori? Or a supercar tour from glitzy Monaco to The Mall Sanremo. Both supercharged supercar experiences include authentic lunch and exclusive benefits and perks when you arrive at your luxury retail destination: The Mall Sanremo.

If automobiles aren’t your thing, why not go sky-high with an unforgettable helicopter ride departing from Monaco, then top of your exclusive experience with luxury retail therapy and fine food, at The Mall Luxury Outlets?

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The Details of Design

Why not pair fashion and luxury with authentic Italian design? Immerse yourself into a world of innovative interiors with a unique history lesson of the “Poltrona Frau” brand and the extraordinary world of Italian design.


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Exploration Mode; Sailing & Nature

If you’re visiting Rivieria Dei Fiori just for a short time, why not combine your luxury shopping experience at The Mall Sanremo with an exploration experience? There is something for everyone’s discerning taste.

Why not try your hand at a round of golf, or sailing the stunning seas from Sanremo’s marina to a unique sunset cruise?

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Food For Thought

One thing that goes with fashion is food! And at The Mall Sanremo, they offer selected and tailored luxury food experiences. They range from gourmet tours of delicious and authentic Italian cuisines to Pesto sauce cooking classes and the art of Tiramisu.

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Travel to The Mall Sanremo

What puts The Mall Sanremo ahead is their discerning attention to detail, meaning you travel in style and utmost sanitized safety. Their dedicated round-trip bus service takes you directly to The Mall Sanremo - you can choose from Piazza Colombo bus station or Sanremo train station.

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