A luxurious Father's Day gift selection for the man who loves watches, jewellery and art

Want to treat your Dad to something exceptional this Father’s Day (Sunday 21 June)? What about one of these luxurious gifts perfect for the watch enthusiast, jewellery lover, or art connoisseur.
‘Martina Navratilova - Wimbledon 1987’ from the Legend Series by Avantist in Titanium with Stainless Steel Bezel. 42mm ($7,000)
1591860928143527 unnamed 1
Michael Caine Get Carter, Bran Symondson, 2019. Photograph mounted in box frame (Unframed). (76.2 x 101.6 cm)
1591861070941256 unnamed 5
Seed Universe 106, Ilhwa Kim, 2019. Hand-dyed Hanji paper (164 x 132 x 15cm)
1591861105789408 unnamed 6 1591861105745752 unnamed 7
Left: Robyn Twisted Chain by Terzihan in Rose Gold and Black Rhodium Plated Silver ($920). Right: La Majesté Tourbillon Special Blue Carbon Unique Piece by Avantist in 18k gold, Sapphire and Special Blue NPT Carbon. 44 mm. ($245,800)
1591861160531834 unnamed 8 1591861160491616 unnamed 9
Left: Tsavorites X Black Gold by Terzihan in 18K Black Rhodium Plated White Gold and Tsavorites ($3,920). Right: Black Degrade X Rose Gold by Terzihan in 18KT Rose Gold with Black, White and Champagne Diamonds ($3,920)
1591861275799898 unnamed 14 1591861275880249 unnamed 13
Left: For Everything To Change We Need Everyone (Draco), Bran Symondson, 2018. Deactivated Draco short barrelled AK47 (captured from conflict zone), real butterflies, symbolic filled bullets (81.8 x 46.7 x 48.3cm). Right: Robyn Bracelet by Terzihan in Rose Gold ($1,950)
1591861316127777 unnamed 15 1591861316197860 unnamed 16
Above: Champagne X Rose Gold by Terzihan in 18K Rose Gold and Champagne Diamonds ($5,040). Below: Pink Degrade X Rose Gold by Terzihan in 18K Rose Gold, Pink Sapphires and White Diamonds ($4,760)
1591861340205090 unnamed 17
Space Station 6, Ilhwa Kim, 2019. Hand-dyed Hanji paper (192 x 224 x 15cm)
1591861415474231 unnamed 20 1591861397373446 unnamed 18
Left: La Majesté Tourbillon Arm Edition – Diamond by Avantist in 18K Gold, Diamond, Sapphire and Forged Carbon. 44mm ($175,000). Middle:Screw Bracelet by Terzihan in Rose Gold and Knitting Steel ($1,850)
1591861438879432 unnamed 21
White On White by Terzihan in 18K White Gold and White Diamonds ($5,545)
1591861462137774 unnamed 22
Skull 070 220, Florian Eymann, 2020. Oil on paper (35 x 33cm)

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