Discover ME.LAND New FW21-22 Collection

The FW2122 collection.
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ME.LAND is a young French footwear unisex label. It is a great adventure launched in 2018 with the ambition to offer a sneaker which is alternative, comfortable, elegant,unique, responsible and low-carbon.

"The new collection impregnate an increased awareness of our responsibilities, of our impact on the world of tomorrow. We are already acting for the environment, this time we are doing more! Our materials are now all upcycled." 

Why produce again since everything is already there? Leather, the first recycled material invented by man, technical nylons and canvas, all come from the recycling of  ocean plastics.

The color palette reflects this new connection. The colors of wet ground, autumn forest, midnight blue, raw jeans are enhanced by sunset  curry yellow, red and burgundy.

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The iconic sneakers: MEAKER, DEAKER and HEAKER offer new combinations of unexpected materials and colors to accompany the new winter season. 

The DEBUT sneaker retains its resolutely contemporary and dynamic lines. It is available in new shades of colors.

The new MARVIN derby and MARTIN chukka, hybrids between sneakers and city shoes, complete the collection. Sporty, flexible and light, they will become an essential everyday ally, with sober and chic lines.

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"Our commitment also becomes a manifesto with our VIVACE VEGAN PROJECT."

A new sneaker with a retro look but definitely contemporary.

All of its materials are recycled from the sole to the lining. There is not even a trace of animal matters.

A shoe already certified by the recognized associations such as PETA VEGAN APPROUVED and SEAQUAL®. 5 color versions available from 36 to 46. 


Photos: ME.LAND designer Frédéric Robert and his singerfriends Maud Lubeck and Somaestro.


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