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Game-changing, unique and totally addictive: when it launched, Herrera Beauty redefined the way we thought about makeup. Blurring the lines between beauty, jewelry and high fashion, the House’s first ever makeup collection was a true celebration of Herrera’s most important codes: Alegría de vivir (Spanish for Joy of Living), a larger-than-life approach to fashion and color, and the freedom to express oneself in a daring authentic way. Débuting in early 2020 with a range of ultra-performant, fully customizable lipsticks, compacts and accessories, these products were never intended to be simply worn. They were intended to be flaunted, unapologetically.

So why stop there? Following on from its unstoppable success Herrera Beauty is back in the spotlight with a range of refillable MINI TINTS. Coming in a variety of shades and innovative textures, this new must-have product joins the signature Sheer, Satin and Matte formulas to complete the brand’s now iconic lipstick offer.

“The polished lip is something that’s so essential to Herrera’s signature beauty look, which is why we wanted to make sure that there was truly a formula for everyone and for every moment of the modern woman’s life. With the new Mini Tints, the focus was really on creating that natural, yet super polished hint of color.” - Lauren Parsons, Herrera Beauty Global Makeup Consultant.

Embodying Herrera Beauty’s approach to beauty and self-expression, this latest addition brings with it a riot of colors, textures and accessories.
“We wanted the Herrera Beauty lipstick range to be multifaceted, both in terms of look and formulas, and with the new Mini Tints, I think we’ve really achieved that.” - Carolina A. Herrera, Beauty Creative Director.

From high fashion to high beauty, the aesthetics of the new range is as linked to the House’s design DNA as the first wave of Herrera Beauty lipsticks.
“With the launch, we placed Herrera’s most iconic prints in the spotlight, so for this new line, we really wanted to place the focus on another quintessentially Herrera code: color.” - Wes Gordon, Carolina Herrera Creative Director.


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Launching with 7 shades covering everything from true reds to sensual plums, these tinted balms may be mini in size but they’re big on natural, effortless polish.
Herrera Beauty’s sheerest formula yet, they deliver a buildable hint of tint that lasts up to 6 hours, in one smooth, melting swipe. Lips appear plumped for longer thanks to a 1% concentration of patented Maxi-Lip, luminous, and radiant, as though enveloped in a veil of 3-dimensional light for an easy take on the signature Herrera lip. Providing instant comfort thanks to their supple texture and ultra-hydrating ingredients, they moisturize for up to 8 hours without a trace of stickiness and create an instant sensation of freshness on application that lasts up to 15 minutes, thanks to a menthol-free cooling agent.

Taking the Herrera Beauty’s ethos of individual beauty one step further, the innovative PH-reactive shade Fearless (color n° 000) is formulated to react with your own PH levels, enhancing your natural lip color and creating a soft wash of luminous color that’s as unique as you are.

Versatile as ever, the MINI TINTS can be used alone on the lips for soft, buildable color or as a primer before lipstick application. They can even be used on the apples of the cheeks to create a subtle, dewy blush effect that’s perfect for any occasion.



When it comes to Herrera Beauty, customization is name of the game and the Mini Tints are no different. Wear them, gift them, and adapt them to your uniquely individual style.

“The fact that for the first time, you could actually personalize your makeup to suit your individual sense of style is what made the launch of Herrera Beauty so special, and that’s definitely something that we wanted to continue. Not only is there a huge variety of options to play with, you can mix and match those options however you want to create literally hundreds of different combinations. Plus, every single product is refillable which means that you can change what’s inside your makeup case too.”- Carolina A. Herrera, Beauty Creative Director.

Available in 6 flirty colors, the MINI TINTS come with a selection of mix and match bases and caps for an instantly elegant look. Simply add your favorite charm, whether the iconic Jasmine, the Herrera Alphabet or the lucky Beetle, clip on and go!

“For the mini tints, we went through the collections and picked out the colors that we felt really summed up the House. Everything we do at Herrera is about creating that bold, visual impact, so when it comes to color, there’s no halfway about it! Whether it’s an unapologetically Taxicab yellow, a bright stand-out-from-the-crowd pink, or of course, Carolina red it’s always luminous and high-energy. And because we still wanted to give people the option of mixing and matching, the caps and bases of the Mini Tints can be color-clashed or assorted.” - Wes Gordon, Carolina Herrera Creative Director.

Each shade of Mini Tint is also available as a refill, meaning you can top up your signature case, for as long as you want or switch shades according to the seasons and your mood. And because they’re refillable, the Mini Tints help you cut down on packaging waste. Mini size, maxi love!

The new Herrera Beauty MINI TINTS are exactly what your beauty collection didn’t know it needed. Get ready for the best lips of your life.

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