MALO End-of-Summer Cashmere

Warm but ultra light garments, ideal for the last summer evenings and the first days of autumn.
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Malo, Italian maison specialized in cashmere knitwear production, proposes warm but at the same time ultralight items in cashmere-silk and cashmere-light for the last summer evenings and the first autumn days, ideal for the middle-season. In fact, cashmere is a noble fiber that acts as a thermal insulator, naturally capable of thermo-regulating the body according to the external climate, protecting it from both low and high temperatures.

From dresses to cardigans passing through the classic V-neck sweaters, the warm embrace of Malo garments is perfect for greeting summer and welcoming the first sparkling autumn days.

In particular, cashmere-silk is a blend with exceptional characteristics. In fact, when silk, the most precious fiber in nature, meets cashmere, the best of fine wools, a refined yarn of a unique and inimitable quality is born. The result: an unrivaled feeling of softness and comfort.

The production of silk is a very long and laborious process that requires constant attention: feeding of the silkworms, air temperature, light and humidity are all determining factors for obtaining an excellent product. Cool in summer and warm in winter, fluid on the body, pure silk adapts well to different types of garments, more comfortable and luxurious than any other fabric in the world, it maintains its beauty over time thanks to its resistant fibers.

The best quality cashmere is the strongest and most comfortable natural yarn. A very versatile material suitable for all seasons, much softer, warmer and isothermal than sheep's wool. The pure cashmere worked by Malo is by nature elastic and resilient, it has unique properties such as shape endurance, durability, density, softness to the touch and heat balanced to body temperature. The ability of a garment to pass the test of repeated use, always returning to its original shape is a crucial indicator of quality: a Malo garment, if treated with care, improves over time.

Light cashmere, soft and very fine, is like a caress on the skin. It is Malo spearhead. A yarn made light by the processing of cashmere yarn, produced on historical looms.

Light cashmere is worked on 33 gg (gauge) looms. The term gauge (gg) is used when talking about knitted garments. The term refers to the number of dots per inch. The higher the number of gg, the thinner the sweater will be. The 33 gg frame therefore performs extremely thin processing for a high quality result. To perform this process, a great working experience is required. The yarn used by Malo is an extra fine 2/48000 cashmere. The name 2/48000 is due to the construction of the yarn: to make 1 kg of cashmere yarn 2/48000 you need 48000 meters(48km) long yarnstwisted together. This gives the measure of how thin the yarn used is, that is 96km of yarn per 1 kg of cashmere, more or less the distance from Campi Bisenzio, Malo headquarters, to Forte dei Marmi, where the brand's first boutique was opened.


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