ME.LAND has presented the ideal unisex sandal for summer
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For the summer of 2022, ME.LAND has created MASSILIA, a comfortable and stylish unisex sandal.

This sandal is made of patent calfskin with an ergonomic sole covered with recycled marine nylon.

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ME.LAND continues its totally eco-sustainable policy.

Starting from the fact that none of us can be totally carbon-free in our daily lives, we wanted to limit the carbon footprint of our brand. We work with leathers sourced within a 20km radius of our factory, rather than bringing them from Italy or the other side of the world. Our packaging is totally recycled: cardboard for the boxes or cards and cotton for the pouches.

It is also important to remember that leather is the first recycled material invented by man. It is above all a waste product from the food industry that is recycled for use in footwear, leather goods, furniture, sports, cars, etc. At ME.LAND we are particularly interested in knowing the sources of the skins we use. No animal should be killed for its skin or fur!

The same goes for the soles: made from plastic waste found in the oceans and rubber scraps.


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