Moncler Launches Born to Protect Jackets Entirely Made From Sustainable Materials

A plan for the future becomes a physical reality, as Moncler announces it is releasing a range of jackets entirely made of sustainable materials for men, women and children as part of the Moncler Born to Protect plan.
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A physical realization of Moncler Born to Protect, the Brand’s strategic sustainability commitment announced in October, the jackets support Moncler’s vision for a circular economy and make the plan come to the life in an embracing, protective reality. Their construction represents three of the five pillars laid out in the Moncler Born to Protect plan for a sustainable future:

• Climate action. Every material in the Moncler Born to Protect jackets is sustainable. Fabrics and accessories, with the exception of down, are recycled ensuring a reduction of roughly 40% of CO2 emissions;

• Circular economy. Fabrics and accessories including zips and buttons are made of Econyl® nylon, a regenerated nylon derived from ocean and land-based waste, ensuring the re-use of materials wherever possible;

• Fair sourcing. As for all Moncler apparel, down is 100% DIST (Down Integrity System and Traceability) certified, ensuring traceability and high farming standards through a scientific approach all along the supply chain. The down, derived exclusively from geese farmed for the purpose of meat, is a by-product of the food chain.

Moncler Born to Protect jackets all come in black. Sustainability is for everyone, all the time, so the jackets are created in a color that can work in every occasion. The Moncler Born to Protect insignia embellishes the outer, and in inner detailing where Monduck, the perfectly plumed character featured on the lining of Moncler jackets since the 1960s, tells a sustainable story. The research of sustainable materials is extended to the packaging: all paper is sourced from responsibly managed forests, and additionally to this, the shopping bags and gift boxes also include recycled paper.

Men’s jackets range from the full-body protection of the voluminous Nicaise, the Gaite with a prominent front pocket, and the versatile Dabos with detachable hood and sleeves. For women the Teremba is a rolling down quilted jacket, the Lemenez a supersized and slimline protective shape, and the Gatope an all-purpose jacket cut at the hips. The Gaite and Lemenez are shrunk in children’s sizes for tomorrow’s sustainability champions, while the Hasan is the mini option for babies.

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