The Perfect Valentine's Gifting Guide For Him & Her

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Katch the perfect gifts for your loved ones this holiday season by looking through our 2021 gift guide!


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LOOTAH – the UAE’s leading contemporary perfumery and aroma trend-setter – invites you to bring the beauty, magic and magnificence of fragrant oils into your home this January, with a stunning selection of hidden treasures available to buy online or in-store.  

Each fragrant oil is a scented work of art that tells its own story– taking pride of place in an exquisitely crafted, beautifully scented, light-grey box, made from luxurious velvet material, with golden metallic impressions, and engraved with LOOTAH’s bespoke patterns.   

From the natural allure of ‘White Musk’ and the sweet-smelling splendour of ‘Dihn Al Oud Hindi’, to the sandalwood warmth of ‘Ayoon AlMaha’and the floral tenderness of‘Bu Sultan’– LOOTAH’s array of fragrant oils is as wonderfully diverse as it is completely captivating. With options starting from AED 200, there’s a precious oil to amaze the senses of every fragrance-lover.  

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The Velvet Blend Gift Sets - Featuring three customisable gift sets, the ‘Velvet Blend’ range allows you to choose your favourite fragrant treasures from LOOTAH’s stunning selection of enchanting perfumes, incredible incenses, and fragrant ouds and oils, to be placed inside an exquisitely crafted, beautifully scented, luxurious velvet box.   

Available at all LOOTAH stores, as well as on


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inkopia is all about the romance in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, and, to celebrate its #PassionForPhotos, the recently launched, homegrown, online shopping destination is inviting customers to take part in an online treasure hunt. By following three clues – beachloveandstars– and searching for the most romantic images on, eagle-eyed online treasure hunters will unlock a 15% discount code, along with an extra special sweetheart treat. 

To take part in inkopia’s Valentine’s Day treasure hunt, visit and follow these steps:

  • Browse inkopia’s stunning collections of photos and search for the most romantic images, keeping the following clues in mind: beachlove,and stars.
  • Check the image descriptions for heart emoticons.
  • The three most romantic images will have three heart emoticons ❤❤❤.
  • Click on the hearts ❤❤❤to reveal a Valentine’s discount code worth 15%.


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Want to perfectly capture moments of happiness this holiday season? Nikon’s new generation of mirrorless cameras- Z6II and Z7II offer photographers and videographers the ultimate imaging experience. These new high-resolution, FX-format (full-frame), mirrorless cameras are also the perfect gift to encourage your loved ones to unleash their creativity and cultivate in their passion! Locate their nearest store HERE.  

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