Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Accessories Spring-Summer 2021

This season a fashion house puts an increased focus on accessories which perfectly complemented the couture looks of a heroine.
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Headpieces, sunglasses, bags and belts are distinguished by their unique design and delicate craftsmanship. The design for the miniature clutches was inspired by the interior and furniture styles of the Art Deco period. For the clutches, a combination of lacquered, carved wood with inlaid metal, leather and crystal was chosen. 

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The collection also features patent leather bags in red, green, and black. Their different variations are embroidered with beads  and inlaid with crystal medallions. 

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It took more than 100 hours of hard work to create each bag embroidered with beads.

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The collection of headpieces is presented in several variations: elegant lace caps hand-woven by Yelets artists, embroidered with beads and decorated with Gus Khrustalny elements. Echoing the tradition of wearing veils, they are complemented by eye masks made of the Yelets lace as well. Crystal elements shimmer on the velvet headbands with dazzling reflections. 

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To create a new collection of glasses, the fashion house used lenses from the Carl Zeiss company, which are considered as the gold standard in the industry.  They are decorated with ornaments that echo the diamond facets of Soviet crystal - the same ones that Akim Maltsov once invented for the glasses from the Gus Khrustalny factory. The new collection features lenses in nine different colors and three variations on a unique shape.

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Some of the looks are complemented by wide belts made of patent and matte leather and decorated with inlays of enamel and crystal. The collection also features a belt completely woven from small beads, echoing the pattern of the dress.

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