At 50, Jennifer Lopez reveals the biggest regret of her career

More popular than ever, JLo is on everyone's lips, at Hollywood events and fashion shows. She is on top of the world, and yet, the actress too, has regrets...
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Jennifer Lopez has done it all, number 1 albums which have sold millions of copies, a Las Vegas residency, a film career, Golden Globe nominations, she helped create Google Image, and is one of the most iconic faces of Versace . A long list of success stories that make the whole world blush with envy. But believe it or not, despite a busy life and career, the superstar is no exception. In a recent interview, JLo revealed one of the biggest regrets of her career: a role in the cinema that she turned down. 



The film in question? A project dating from 2002, Unfaithful directed by Adrian Lyne, dealing with a tumultuous love story. The role originally proposed to Jennifer Lopez was instead taken by Diana Lane who was nominated at the Oscars and the Golden Globes for her performance. " The script was presented to me, but at the time, I refused, it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Diana Lane was perfect for the role, but when I think about it, I literally shot myself in the foot by refusing this project. " Moral of the story? It is sometimes better to accept projects that do not enchant us at first glance, at the risk of regretting it later in your life and, perhaps, missing out on an Oscar nomination.



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