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L'Officiel Arabia met with Anastasiia Kirilik, who is an actress, dancer and a model. She tells us how she juggles between her multiple professions while staying focused at all times.
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Gold Bodice: Graham Cruz @thepop.group, Earrings: Iris Trends @maisonprivee_la.

Anastasiia Kirilik (25) is an actress, dancer and model hailing from Kiev, Ukraine, now living in Miami. Raised by a single mom who provided her a lot of support, Ana has been dancing since the age of four. She also plays piano, sings, acts, and paints. She attributes her many talents to her mom, who taught her to be a hard worker.

“My mom is my best friend and my biggest supporter. She raised me like a princess. She raised me to be a star.”

Anastasiia earned an acting degree from Theatre University in Kiev and an acting and dancing diploma from the University in Toulouse, France. She won a grant as an extraordinary talent, which gave her the opportunity to study in France and participate in the international youth project representing Ukraine.

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Red Fallaci Top: Sarapol @ThePop.Group, Gold Earrings: Iris Trends @maisonpriveepr_la.

Ana broke into the world of film acting with the feature “Die Vermessung der Welt,” which brought Ana to Berlin where she was invited to work at one of the leading film production and distribution companies. While there, Ana learned German, the fifth language she speaks and worked in an Oscar winning project “The Artist” as well as other high-profile projects, while working with many award-winning actors.

Even though Ana found early success as an actress, she did not neglect her other talents. She studied modern art at the studio of Jiri Georg Dokoupil, for example, and recorded an EP as a singer.

“My mother taught me to believe in myself. I was never afraid to go for something that I wanted. I did have doubts at times, but I always knew it was better to try to do something than to never know if I could do it.”


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Oversized Puffy Sleeve Dress: Ndigo Studio @maisonPriveepr_la, Black Earring: Graham Cruz @thepop.group.

After relocating to Los Angeles for a year where she took an acting class at the Stella Adler studio, Anastasiia moved to Miami to pursue an acting opportunity in a Television pilot with Burt Reynolds. It was filmed at the Burt Reynolds Institute for Film and Theatre in Jupiter, Florida.

She took on social media next. Serving as her own social media manager, Ana runs multiple social media platforms and has become a star on Instagram and YouTube. Much of her social media success can be attributed to her passion for dance, exercise, and living a healthy lifestyle. She was inspired to create a free 30 Day Shuffle Dance workout series on her Youtube channel that really took off.


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Pink Gown: Ott Dubai @maisonprivee_la, Flower Earrings with Pearl: Adiba @maisonprivee_la, Belt: stylist own.

Anastasiia has also worked as a model since her teenage years. She has done lots of commercial and fashion modeling in Ukraine, Germany, France, Los Angeles and Miami.

“In this photoshoot with L’Officiel Arabia, I wanted to create a magical and royal story. I love shooting outdoors, the power of nature is grand. I hope you can see not only high fashion but a movie in the photos we’ve created.”


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Red Pearl Gown: Viviane Valerius @maisonprivee_la, Bracelet: Graham Cruz @thepop.group.

What do you dream about?

I dream to act in and make movies, win an Oscar someday. I dream of being the Victoria Secret angel as well as write and produce music professionally. I dream to dance every day and never stop spreading positivity and goodness.


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Turban: Ndigo Studio, Floral Feathered Dress: Charles & Ron @maisonprivee_la.

What are your favorite films and which movie genre is your favorite?

I was fortunate to act in historical feature films as “Gogol. The Closest.” and “Measuring the World”. I must say that I really love period pieces. Among my favorite films are “Pride and Prejudice”, musical “Moulin Rouge” and my favorite movie of all times “The Professional”.


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Multicolor Falaci Swirl Gown: Sorapol @thepop.group, Cold Earring: Iris Trend @maisonprivee_la.

Your shuffle videos are getting a lot of attention on YouTube, tell us more about it?

I'm so glad that I got this idea for the series because I've been receiving great feedback from all around the world and I love it. I honestly believe that helping others is the best thing there is! The thing is that I released my series a few months into the pandemic, when a lot of people around the world were trapped in their homes. And my workout lessons are designed in a way that you don't need much space, you don't need any equipment except your music, you can do it indoors or outdoors - that doesn't matter. I've been receiving a lot of appreciation from people who really enjoyed working out with me and it was my absolute pleasure to do that.


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Gold Sequin Gown: Ott Dubai @maisonprivee_la, Gold Earring: Iris Trends @maisonprivee_la.

What is next for Anastasiia?

More adventures I hope:) I have many plans for this year and so many new things I want to learn, try and accomplish. I'm very excited, to be honest. So far this is my third magazine cover this year, and I believe that is amazing. I’m happy.


Model: Anastasiia Kirilik @ana_kirilik

Photographer: Dina Zhulii @dinazhulii

MUAH: Liliya Mufazalova @ufazalova

Stylist: Waïna Chancy @wainachancy

PR agency: SGG Public Relations @sggpublicrelations

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