Beyonce's most iconic style moments

In celebration of Queen Be, here are some of our favourite outfits the iconic performer has worn over the years.
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Flash back to 2002, the very young Beyonce embarked on a solo career and was Crazy in Love by her producer, Jay Z. It's the early 2000s, the look is minimalist: micro-short, mini-tank top and, the detail that changes everything, the chain around the waist. 


2004, Beyonce leaves the Grammy's with a mountain of prizes, it's the beginning of glory. Announced as one of the favourites of the ceremony, the singer did not deprive herself of the opportunity to wear her awards outfit: that evening, Queen Be was a Golden Women

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One of the most iconic clips of the 2000s. The recipe is simple: a historical choreography, a minimalist costume and a song that speaks to everyone. This was the beginning of a new anthem - Single Ladies, which now has nearly 720,000,000 views on Youtube. 

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In 2011, Queen Be surprises everyone by announcing her pregnancy on stage, at the MTV Music Awards. 


In 2016, Beyonce took part in the 50th Super Bowl halftime show. Beyond the Dantean show, the most discerning will have noticed the tribute paid to Micheal Jackson. Queen Be's costume is directly inspired by that of the king of pop who, in 1993, was also in charge of the halftime show. 

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In 2014, the Carters shook the planet with their On The Run tour. The show was a parade of costumes, each one more grandiose than the next. Here, Beyonce is wearing a Versace outfit. 

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In 2017, Beyonce Broke the Internet by publishing this photo on Instagram. The singer, now accustomed to elaborate pregnancy announcements, announced the upcoming arrival of two baby Carters. The photo had an unprecedented likes record (nearly 11 million likes in a few hours). 


Still the same year, Beyonce performed on the Grammy Awards stage wearing a crown of light. 

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Still in 2017, Beyonce took up the pose again to announce the birth of the twins.


In 2018, Queen B was one of the headliners of Coachella and the audience was not disappointed. Beyonce performed with an effusion of dancers, sequins. Supported by the Balmain house for the creation of the costumes, she opened the show in a costume with the air of a modern-day Nefertiti. 

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