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Caroline Receveur is a Fashion & Lifestyle entrepreneur & Influencer. Caroline has recently made UAE her home and L'Officiel Arabia met her to discuss her journey so far..
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L'Officiel Arabia: Caroline, It is nice to meet you,can you let us know a little bit more about you and your achievements for our readers who do not know you yet?

Caroline Receveur: Hello! Thank you so much, i’m very honored to be given this opportunity with L’Officiel Arabia.

I was born and raised in France, and I started with French television over 12 years ago now. I was a TV presenter and I stepped into some small projects in acting as well. I launched my blog while being on television and, at a later stage, I joined social media and started to share more and more content. Then I moved to London where I launched my first brand, Wandertea - a wellness tea brand - which was quite successful. In 2016, I went back on TV to take part in the French version of Dancing with the Stars, and more recently I have created my first fashion brand RECC Paris, and my beauty brand Osée Beauté. Today, the adventure continues with some new upcoming projects I can’t wait to share with everyone!

LOA: How did you shift from the television Industry to Digital and why ?

CR: My blog was my first digital experience, as it was actually one of the first few blogs in France, and it had a huge success; actually it was more successful than i could have expected. Thanks to the audience I had built with my television appearances, I had more and more people - especially women - following me. This is when I decided to start on Instagram. As collaborations with brands were not a thing yet, I was sharing some very organic content, from my beauty routine, to the ‘behind the scenes’ of my career on television, my looks… My audience grew very fast. I never really felt like I belonged on television, as I always had an entrepreneur soul; i already opened my first restaurant and an online boutique at a very young age. I quickly felt the television industry was a bit too shallow for me, and I wanted more than just being a pretty face on TV.  This is why I decided to leave this industry I was living well off to start my own projects, even if success was not guaranteed. It was not easy, but I felt much more alive, and I am really happy I took the risk.

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LOA: As the world moves into 2021 with great optimism, how do you think this will impact your career and development?

CR: I know that 2020 was a parenthesis for many of us. I always try to see life in a positive way, so I would say it was a good time for me to press pause, re-center on myself and focus on things I usually did not really have time to handle. I got married in 2020, which was a great achievement in my personal life, and I moved to another country so I would say that for me, 2020 has been an upgrade! I took some distance from social media, even if I was lucky enough to still be able to work and prepare some upcoming projects. I would say 2021 is the beginning of a new era, a year I will be able to finalise and bring to life the projects i’ve been focusing on in 2020.


LOA: You are known to be an entrepreneur, as you are the CEO of two Brands. Can you tell us a little bit more about your two brands, RECC Paris & Osée Beauté, and why have you decided to launch these brands?

I mean I never really had the courage to launch my own fashion brand, because fashion was my passion, something I truly loved, but I never really felt i could be legitimate as a fashion designer. Then an opportunity came to me and I decided to accept it, and this is how RECC Paris came to life. It has been a great chance for the entrepreneur that I am to learn so much about an industry that fascinates me. It was really exciting to discover all of the steps and also to see all the designs come to life and to wear them; it has been a great adventure.
Osée Beauté came to me as something more obvious; we started the first chapter with a hair-styler, and as I'm a girl who loves to change her hairstyle and everyone is always asking me for advices and tips, I was really happy to be able to create something that would really matter to my audience. And I think this is the most important for me when I create a business: it is always something that is related to me, products that I would personally use and would make my life easier. I am not a person who is surfing on trendy IT products, as I think it would not have my print, it would not have a soul.


"You have to listen to yourself and your senses, trust your gut and follow what your heart tells you."
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LOA: How do you juggle between your multiple careers as brand ambassador, mother, wife and an entrepreneur?

CR: It is not always easy, and this is one of my favorite topics on my social media channels. I think what I can say today is that everything is about balance. You have to know yourself, and understand where your priorities lie. Then you adjust your time around all of these elements in your life. Personally, I know that for example, I prefer spending my free time with my son Marlon, rather than going out with my girlfriends. But this is unique to each individual; some people would actually need to go out to unwind. On my side, I know that my breath of fresh air is my son. You have to listen to yourself and your senses, trust your gut and follow what your heart tells you; this will help anyone get through any intense moment. Spend some time with yourself, press pause when you need to. I am evolving in an industry that focuses on image; I don’t save lives everyday, so nobody will die because I needed to take some time off. As long as you are happy, this is what matters the most, and for this, you need to take care of yourself too. Nobody is perfect; the most important is to try your best.


LOA: You have recently made UAE your home, why have you decided to move to the Middle East and how do you feel about this whole new experience?

CR: Yes, I moved to Dubai, which was actually not my first option when I decided i wanted to move… Like many people, I wanted to live the ‘American dream’ and go to California. But i was actually a bit disappointed with my experience when I spent a few weeks there last year. Dubai was my second option, even If I only visited a couple times, I had heard a lot about this place offering so many opportunities for young entrepreneurs like myself. Here, you are allowed to dream, think, express your creativity, you meet amazing people from all around the world; it is a melting-pot of so many diverse cultures! My son is growing with children from different backgrounds, and I’m really happy because it will open his mind. The safety is also amazing in Dubai; when I arrived, I did not have any expectations, but I found an incredible inner peace while living here. As parents, the security of our children is a top priority, and I don’t think I could have found a better place for that. I never enjoyed and felt as safe as a woman going out in the streets, and never felt as supported as an entrepreneur as I am in Dubai. I am the happiest woman in the world, and I think this is the first time in my life I feel I am where I belong; I am so thankful that the UAE is giving me and my family this opportunity.


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Top PACO RABANNE available at Harvey Nichols Dubai
"I think now we can also speak of the 'UAE Dream'!"

LOA: Do you have any future plans in the Middle East Region?

CR: I mentioned the ‘American dream’ earlier, I think now we can also speak of the ‘UAE dream’! It’s a place where you can still build. In some areas it’s actually so developed, and sometimes the most advanced. But I think the creativity in the air is making you feel that nothing is impossible here, and that you can still create and develop new projects. I’d be very happy to share a little of my culture, my lifestyle and advices with a new audience. I would also love to develop my brands and hope for it to be appreciated here; simply share a little bit of Caroline and her small world with so many different women from diverse backgrounds. I am already working on some projects that I can’t wait to reveal.


LOA: As New Year has finally begun, and that you are our January cover girl, what do you wish for in 2021?

CR: It might sound a bit boring, but my life experience taught me what impact and collateral damages illness can have on so many aspects of life; so the best thing I can wish for is good health for my loved ones, and me and it is already a lot! Cause as long as we are healthy, we can do anything. Professionally, I have the chance to do what I love, and until today I have had a very beautiful life, I found balance and even more since I arrived in the UAE; so if tomorrow you would ask me if I could live the same life, without having anything more until the end, I would sign right away!

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Coat ROTATE available at Harvey Nichols Dubai

If you want to know more about Caroline, don’t hesitate to follow her and her brands on IG:






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