Elizabeth Hurley's son pays tribute to her mother's iconic Versace dress

Damian Hurley paid tribute to his mother by reviving the iconic design she wore in 1994.
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Way back in 1994, Elizabeth Hurley became an overnight style icon after she wowed crowds in a daring black dress with gold safety pin detail at the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral with then-boyfriend Hugh Grant.

This summer her son, 17-year-old model Damian Hurley, paid tribute to the actress by wearing a Versace blazer inspired by the iconic safety pin dress. 

The model was recently announced as the face for the PatMcGrath Labs campaign, and also recently appeared in tv show The Royals, which also stars his mother, Elizabeth Hurley playing the Queen of England.


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(Photo: Getty Images)

The young man, who looks exactly like his mother, is the son of Elizabeth Hurley and producer Steve Bing. A newcomer to the world of fashion, he recently let his hair grow, thus pushing the resemblance with his mother to its peak. 

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Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant in 1994 (Photo: Getty Images)


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