"I always dress like I’m on stage." - Billie Eilish

Young singer Billie Eilish, who has become a world pop music star over the years, is not only capable of music, but also stands out with her sense of style. As if the brightest neon green, oversize silhouette clothes, massive jewelry or futuristic glasses of contrasting colors have become the main detail of the image - it's all part of Billie's image.
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Especially liking the combinations of loose shirts and shorts, which are usually distinguished by patterned materials, the artist forms an opinion with her image that the essential rule of her style is comfort. Louis Vuitton , Gucci , Balenciaga , and now the classic Chanel are the most popular names in fashion houses, which in B. Eilish's combinations seem to reveal themselves. Stepping on the red carpet, Billie is not afraid to wear monogrammed clothes from the most famous brands from head to toe. In one interview, the performer said: “Layering of clothes and layers again. I want to be mysterious, ”she said. "You don't know what I'm wearing down, you don't know what's up." Isn't that interesting?


Everything related to this girl becomes unique. The lyrics that engage the listener shape the status among the world’s best-known performers and, of course, the style. Asked about her casual attire, Billie says, “Actually, my casual attire and attire at concerts or events are no different. I always dress like I’m on stage. I really like to combine extremely cheap clothes or accessories with clothes created by designers. Creativity is an integral part of my image. I can wear pants on my hands and apply the sleeve as a headgear. You can also see me wearing different shoes. Fashion and style inspire me. I can't even know my clothes, maybe one day you will see my clothes line. "

Androgenicity, breaking the established rules in her style, goes hand in hand with the era of self-expression and freedom. Moreover, such a choice of clothing has a clearly formed answer and Billie’s opinion: women and men have the right to feel comfortable in their bodies. Loose clothing seems to prevent a critic who is concerned with body lines. "No one can have an opinion like that," she says.

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