In the shoes of Zoë Kravitz

Between blockbusters and ambitious series, the face of Black Opium perfume Yves Saint Laurent quietly imposes his magnetism in Hollywood. Simon Liberati dissects for us the spellbinding charm of Zoë Kravitz, cover girl of our February 2019 issue.
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"If you only know one thing about Zoë Kravitz, it's probably her father's name is Lenny." If you're more familiar with the subject, you know her mother's name: Lisa Bonet, Denise du Cosby Show. " Rolling Stone Magazine, cover-story November 2018, Zoë Kravitz photographed nude by Zoey Grossman.

No, Zoë is not just a girl of ..., she's a child of love. Zoë is the fruit of Sailor and Lula version blaxploitation. Lenny and Lisa had met at the time when he was still called Romeo Blue and had not recorded his first album. Lenny Kravitz was a young daddy's son in snake jacket and leather pants, gifted grown up on Duke Ellington's lap, Lisa Bonet was the teen-star of the family sitcom Cosby Show. They were married in November 1987 in Las Vegas on Lisa's twentieth birthday. She quickly fell pregnant and (according to Zoë) threw a hair dryer at Lenny's head, discovering the result of the pregnancy test. She did not hesitate, however, and kept the child despite Bill Cosby's ogresque anger. Bill Cosby, of whom Lisa says today that he "gave off negative waves out of the dark force" . According to Lisa, the arrival of Zoë would have " saved her life". She was two months pregnant when she posed for the cover of Rolling Stone, a pose that will be reproduced by her daughter thirty years later in the same outfit. So, technically, this is the second Rolling Stone cover of Zoë ("life" in ancient Greek).

After giving birth, Lenny cheated Lisa with Madonna (he composed and produced for her Justify My Love , Ingrid Chavez's poem filmed by Mondino) and several others, she left him when Zoë was 2 years old, changed her name to that of Lilakoi Moon and settled in Topanga in silence / vibration mode to raise Zoë. At the age of 11, Zoë grew tired of earthly paradise, Montessori school, hummingbirds and tantric massages, and she had to join Lenny in Miami and then in New York under the guidance of a staff of musicians and muses (Natalie Imbruglia, Adriana Lima, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Campbell). After a period of unrest (Lisa Bonet absent) where she plays with her health (a burning festival-goer burning her wings in Burning Man), she gets back to work thanks to X-Men First Class and Mad Max Fury Road, a sign of many juicy contracts. moved to New York, Williamsburg (Brooklyn) precisely.

Today, at 30 years old since December 1, Zoë still measures 1.57 meters and still weighs about forty kilos. Since she played the role of an anorexic in a film when she was 18 years old, she is in the lists of stars who have had problems with anorexia. In reality, it does not seem to have many problems except that this Sagittarius plays it discrete (majority of supporting roles in big productions or in the TV show of prestige Big Little Lies ), sign of financial realism or, can -being, counterpoint to the famous ego Kravitz (Lenny), which has not shrunk after 35 million albums sold and incursions noticed in the field of comedy and lifestyle, paternal ego that good communicating she tries to mitigate by presenting (his father) as " the goofiest person in town " ("the most goofy person I know").

The last element of identification is that Zoë Kravitz now represents YSL's Black Opium fragrance. She also plays a leading role in the communication of ready-to-wear. Anthony Vaccarello likes it. In the last short films Saint Laurent directed by Nathalie Canguilhem, Zoë Kravitz, sometimes in studded jacket sometimes in sheepskin coat, leopard boots and bunk collars, is confronted with a Lennon Gallagher in overcoat bent with zebra animal print. A superb jumble of genres between women's fashion and men's fashion punctuated by a musical creation of the artist SebastiAn and successive shots on a slow or fast pace. According to Madame Figaro: "A tension between dream and reality exacerbating troubled feelings in the heart of the night."

In The Fantastic Animals, Crimes of Grindelwald , Zoë interprets the role of Leta Lestrange for the second time. In an interview with the Irish daily The Independent in 2017, she confirmed that her character was in fact a relative of the Harry Tempter Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange . Zoë has stated that she plays "Helena Bonham Carter's great-aunt". Interpreting a great-aunt to even 30 years is a promise of longevity in terms of career.

We stuck the black witch between two appointments with her promised (the actor Karl Glusman, seen in The Neon Demon, of Nicolas Winding Refn, in 2016) for a mini-questionnaire of Proust ...

What is your favorite writer?
Patti Smith.

Do you like Paris?
Yes, Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. My father lives there and I have a lot of memories of time spent in this city for years.

What are your favorite addresses in Paris?
I love the Marais. It is an ideal area for shopping, food and also to subdue people.

You move a lot by subway in New York, but have you already taken the metro in Paris? Sometimes ! I try, but not systematically because I get lost.

You spent part of your childhood in the neighborhood of Topanga, in Los Angeles, what memories do you remember from this period?
I loved growing up in the middle of nature, in a community full of love. Topanga is a wonderful place that helped me appreciate and experience the natural environment when I was very young.

When was the first time you felt free?
When I moved to New York at the age of 15

What is your simplest pleasure in life?
Walking the streets of NYC with my headphones on the head.

What is the quality you like in a man?
The sense of humor and the abs.

What quality do you prefer in a woman?
A sense of humor and loyalty?

What is your hero in life?
My mother.

What is your favorite color ?
The green.

Is fashion important to you?
Yes, I like fashion because it's a way of expressing one's personality.

What is your latest find?
An old Bob Marley & the Wailers t-shirt.

What does Yves Saint Laurent's personality mean to you?
Sophistication, rock'n'roll, androgyny and classic chic.

How did you meet Anthony Vaccarello?
I met him from his first show for Saint Laurent. He is calm and sensitive, he pays attention to detail. A true artist.

Zoë Kravitz Lost Her Boots, You May Have Received Them in the Mail - OFFICIAL

Photography by Zoey Grossman
Video by Michael Casker
Styling by Jennifer Eymère
Makeup Nina Park
Hairdresser Nikki Helms
Manicure Casey Herman
Photo assistants Zane Schaffer, Marion Grand
Assistant styling Simonez Wolf

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