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Emilia Dobreva is a Kosovan fashion model and social media celebrity who has walked the ramp at New York Fashion week as well as at Dubai and Saudi Arabia Fashion weeks.
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L’Officiel Arabia: When did you decide to become a fashion model?

Emilia Dobreva: It started with my mother, who herself was a model. She still sometimes does photoshoots and catwalks, and she has also participated in pageants. My mother dreamt that her daughter would be a top model and would finally participate in something big like a Miss Universe and Miss World, and I can say that I did. I made my mother’s dream come true and I am proud of it.

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L’OA: Who has inspired you the most in your life and career?

ED: I always say to myself: “Surround yourself with those people who inspire you”. My family, friends - are my biggest inspiration and support.


L’OA: Tell us about Oh,My Dear Emi?

ED: Since I was 12 , I have been privileged to work with top names of the fashion and modeling industry. Having tasted success and experienced stardom from close quarters it was time to take a step ahead and look out for more avenues, that’s when I decided to launch my own clothing brand - ‘My Dear Emi’. It is a brand which is inspired by my home country Kosovo and Middle East, where I’m based now: elegant style, unique design , expensive fabrics are the heart of our design.

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L’OA: You are based in the UAE, how has the UAE shaped your career and you as a person in general?

ED: I am proud to call this country my home. Being one of UAE original models makes me a firsthand witness on the development that Dubai underwent over the years. I have participated in every season of Arab Fashion Week, worked with many Emirati designers and now I can confirm that Dubai is already one of the l eaders in the global fashion map. I’m so happy that my career is growing together with the fashion industry in the UAE.

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L’OA: Tell us about your experience at Miss International?

ED: My last title was Miss International 2019-2020; however, I’m still holding this title. The pageant was held in Chengdu, China, and I competed with 120 ladies from across the world. This pageant is about a lot more than beauty and fitness, it is about intelligence, charm and adaptability.

L’OA: What are your plans for the future?

ED: After my first title my life had changed. I visited so many countries for a charity mission, built a school in “at the end of the earth”... can say that I saw the world and to this day, these experiences have changed my perspective of life, it was very eye opening... I will continue to have a duty to actually make an effort to influence people. I believe “ the more you give yourself to others, the better you will be”.

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Model: Emilia Dobreva @miss_dobreva_official
Photographer: Anastasia Panjinskaya @anastasia_panjinskaya
Make up and hair: Tatiana Lugovaia @hairstyle_makeup_dubai
Set up: MOD Alhouri @eventsbymod
Dresses: Atelier Zuhra @atelierzuhra
Coordination: Aleen Agency @aleen_agency

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