See Chanel's Star-Studded Spring 2020 Eyewear Campaign

Pharrell Williams, Margaret Qualley, Angèle, and more have gathered to show off the maison's chic new shades.
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Photos courtesy of Chanel

What do singer Angèle, actresses Isabelle Adjani and Margaret Qualley, and musicians Pharrell Williams and Sébastien Tellier all have in common? Aside from their talent and ability to carve their own paths, each artist serves as an inspiration behind Chanel's Spring 2020 eyewear line.

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Photographed by Karim Sadli, the new Chanel campaign emphasizes the beauty of self-expression as it showcases five new eyewear designs on the modern muses. Each muse captures Chanel's elegance through the lens of their own aesthetic, proving the range of the house's latest offerings. Belgian singer Angèle wears oval-shaped glasses with transparent frames and a grey faux pearl necklace attached, while actress Isabelle Adjani stuns in bold, black square frames. Musician Sébastien Tellier sports extra large rectangular sunglasses with a classic double C on the temple, as well as Chanel's signature tweed pattern wrapping the frames. Oversized, black rectangular shades with a tweed-like metal pattern take Chanel ambassador Pharrell's effortless cool to a new level, while actress Margaret Qualley of the Oscar-nominated Once Upon a Time in Hollywood embraces classic glamour in playful butterfly frames with stylish white pearls.

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This campaign features five pairs of sunglasses, each of which featuring an intricate level of detail that expresses the captivating personalities of the respective muses while also highlighting the multifaceted yet cohesive je ne sais quoi of the Chanel house. The new designs hit stores and online in March 2020, and no matter which style you pick, the distinctive character of each will ensure a chic beginning to the decade.

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