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Mimia LeBlanc (Miryam Labiad) is a Moroccan entrepreneur with her jewelry line named after herself - Mimia LeBlanc. Mimia spoke to L’Officiel Arabia about her inspirations and how she decided to get into the jewelry business.
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L'Officiel Arabia: Can you tell us about your jewelry brand - Mimia Leblanc? When and how did you decide to have your own jewelry brand?

Mimia LeBlanc: I completed my studies in France, Major in Communication and Advertising, and then I moved to the fashion field and established my own Fashion Consulting Company. After that, I decided to accomplish my childhood dream and enter the world of jewelry by creating my own jewelry brand: Mimia LeBlanc Jewelry.


LO: Being an Influencer, jewelry designer and entrepreneur, how do you manage your time between your multiple professions?

MLBTo be honest with you it is not easy at all to have multiple professions and especially when your career becomes your whole identity, but I’m trying to keep the balance between my main career as a Fashion and Jewelry designer since it is part of my daily routine.

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LO: How have your Moroccan roots inspired your jewelry designs?

MLB: My Moroccan roots played a huge part in my brand identity, since my best selling collections were inspired by a royal and powerful country such as: emblem of Morocco, vintage nostalgia and crown collections.


LO: Which celebrities have worn your designs yet?

MLB: I am so happy and proud that my brand attracted the attention from the most trendy International and Arab celebrities like Kim Kardashian, my friend Saad Lamjarred, Haifa Wehbe, Nadine Njeim, Cyrine Abed El Nour, Assala, Angham and many more.


LO: How has the pandemic affected you and how are you coping with it?

MLB: As we all know the COVID-19 is affecting all people in a negative way not only economically but even mentally. In the end life goes on and we have to stay positive and strong, the most important thing is to take all the precautions and stay safe.


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LO: Have you ever been to the UAE? How was your experience?

MLB: Yes of course I have been in UAE many times where I attended some jewelry exhibitions, made a beautiful shooting for my collaboration with the International jewelry brand David Morris, and my collaboration with Samsung Gulf as well.


LO: How do you spend your free time?

MLB: In my free moments I try to have some Me time. I start my day with my work out. I also try to relax myself by doing some meditation sessions and of course without forgetting my Yoga which is one of my favorite hobbies not only for its physical benefits but also for its mental effects since it is one of the best ways to reduce stress.

To be honest with you it is not easy at all to have multiple professions and especially when your career becomes your whole identity, but I’m trying to keep the balance between my main career as a Fashion and Jewelry designer.

LO: Who is your favorite fashion Designer?

MLB: I really do not have a favorite one since I pick a lot of stuff from different fashion houses like Celine, Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Rodarte, Isabel Marant... and I always love to support some new and young talents. I also want to mention that i have a strong relationship with most of the Lebanese-International designers notably Zuhair Murad, Rami Kadi, Nicolas Jebran.


LO: Can you tell us about your new project with the super star Saad Lamjarred SL Vs MLB?

MLB: Saad Lamjarred is one of my closest friends and we always share the same taste when it comes to fashion and jewelry. We are currently working on a very beautiful and unique and exclusive jewelry line to be revealed very soon.


LO: What’s next for Myriam Labiad?

MLB: I am planning to open new stores in different countries as requested by Mimia LeBlanc Jewelry Lovers, so the brand can span more regions. Also I am working on a clothing line and hopefully my first concept store where I can showcase all my creations will be opening soon.

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Kamal Ait Photographer
Makeup : Christian Abou Haidar
Makeup assistant and hair : fati_art_beauty
Outfits: Les Muses Casablanca - Krisma Dubai
Jewelry : Mimialeblanc Jewelry
Stylist : Jonny Matta

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