This Louis Vuitton Mini Backpack Bracelet Will Fulfill Your Festival Dreams

They also created a fanny pack version, so the mini bag-obsessed have two solid options to hold the essentials that didn't fit into their LV AirPods case.
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Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton

As we have been continually marveling over, Louis Vuitton has a penchant for bringing us the mini accessories we never knew we needed. First, there were their own AirPods (because it's necessary to one-up the rich kids of Twitter), and then a wearable case for Apple's classic version of the wireless earphones (why not?). Now, the heritage house, which has also proven to be a master of hype, is going all-in on the mini bag trend with two new releases.

Heading into 2020 with the onslaught of music festival announcements on the horizon, LV has released the two tiny bags you never knew you needed. First up is a Louis Vuitton mini backpack, shrunk down even further so it fits on a bracelet. But if that's not tiny enough for you, there's also a wristlet fanny pack, so you can literally carry the revival of the '90s and early aughts on your wrist. Inspiring.

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton

The new bags are called the Palm Springs Bracelet and the Bumbag Bracelet respectively, which is a testament to just how small they are—though the new duo technically comprises a Louis Vuitton mini backpack and fanny pack, you might think of them more as some jewelry with extra storage. They're actually smaller versions of existing bags, and retail for $730 each at select Louis Vuitton locations. By mini bag standards, these seem pretty roomy—they seem to have the potential to hold both of your AirPods (the Mini Chiquito only fits one), and they are most definitely bigger than the tiny Valentino purse that Lizzo carried to the AMAs. 

The bags are part of Vuitton's Spring 2020 collection, and they're perfect for holding your Coachella essentials (providing they all fit, that is). While you won't be able to fit your reusable water bottle or plastic straw alternatives, we could see plenty of festival-goers stuffing their Louis Vuitton mini backpack to the brim with earbuds, a couple of essential cards, and a mini container of Altoids. If you wear your AirPods case around your neck, maybe you can even fit a lipstick! So here's to a very fun 2020 full of tiny yet multifunctional accessories.

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