How to have an iconic couture Halloween costume

What better way to reinterpret cult movie outfits this Halloween, than with a touch of couture?
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Every year, we like to think ahead to our Halloween outfit. To surprise our friends and family and have some fun on 31st October.

Celebrities regularly out do each other on the halls of Instagram (hello Heidi Kulm), but, outside of Hollywood itse easy to see the same Halloween costumes again and again. Worry not, L'Officiel readers, for 2019 we have you covered. Here are ten couture looks which reflect the cult outfits of our favourite films. Farewell to the endless witches, ghosts or other pumpkins, here's something to devilishly enjoy, Happy Halloween! 


Jennifer Lawrence's white nightgown in "Mother!"

Diane Keaton's tailor in "Manhattan"

Salma Hayek's bikini in "From Dusk Till Dawn"

Catherine Deneuve's sun-kissed dress in "Peau d'âne"

Holly Hunter's costume in "The Piano Lesson"

Kirsten Dunst's outfit in "Marie-Antoinette"

Al Pacino's tailor in "Scarface"

Florence Pugh's floral dress in "Midsommar"

Kara Hayward's pink dress in "Moonrise Kingdom"

Leonardo DiCaprio's white suit in "Gatsby the Magnificent"

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